Friday, October 9, 2015

Med School Recap Week 10: DEEEEEP breath, aaaaaaand…

  1. One. More. Week. We have been medical students for 10 weeks, and there is one last week left in block 1. Block 1 is called basic sciences. But let me tell you, these sciences are anything but basic. They seemed a little on the acidic side to me. *BA DUM TSSSHHH!* Science jokes, I got ‘em.
  2. This week has not been too terribly horrible. I know I’ve been a big whiney butt for several weeks now, and there was that one week (that we will never speak about) that almost did me in. But this week has *only* had two exams, and it just wasn’t too bad. It’s been the week where I was able to take a big deep breath so that I can hold my nose and get through next week. We have three exams next week. Then we are done with block 1. *sniff*
  3. So I will have an entire week off to do some serious nothing. I have made lots of plans that include reading an exercise book I’ve been eyeballing on my nightstand for a couple of weeks now, but have had ZERO time to crack open. Most important on the list, however is CATCH UP ON SLEEP! I plan to sleep as much as humanly possible.
  4. A lot of us have discussed mistakes that we made this block that we plan to avoid repeating in the next block. It’s like New Year’s Eve is approaching, and we are making our resolutions. I resolve to stay ahead, get plenty of sleep, and figure out how to manage my time more efficiently. I feel like this will be a recurring theme between blocks. ;)
  5. The last few weeks we have been covering some very interesting organisms in microbiology. I have since sworn off noodles, cottage cheese, shellfish, and swimming. Trust me, you don’t want to know. Also, seriously people, don’t let your dog lick you. Anywhere. And go get tested. For everything. Because EW. I’ve also seen pictures of diseased body parts that I can never unsee. All of you folks looking forward to me being a doctor owe me a big one for taking that in. More EW.
  6. We had our first standardized patient last week, and we were allowed to watch our videos from the encounter this week. I was pretty sure it was bad, but I had no idea how bad. My professor assured us at the beginning that we probably did way better than we thought we had. But no. You guys, I was so nervous, I forgot to knock on the door. I just busted up in there like I owned the place. BAM! Heeeere’s the DOCTOR! Oh boy. I did much worse than I thought, and I was thinking it was pretty bad. I guess I can only improve, right?
  7. So thanks for hanging in there with me for 10 weeks of medical school. One more week, and it will be break time! I can’t believe it has gone by this quickly. I guess staying busy does make the time go faster. And it is fun. In kind of a painful way.

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