Friday, August 28, 2015

Med school recap, week 4: URRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

1. Studying is hard. And you're never done. You take an exam, and then WHAMMO! Time to get back to studying. *whimper*
2. My brain feels kinda old and shrively and like I can't squish another thing in. SO, it has decided to start flinging out stuff that it doesn't want any more. I have no control over what it flings. It's mostly people's names or important facts like where I put my keys.
3. Sometimes life happens, and you have to decide if you can live with letting someone else handle the stuff that you're used to doing. Like when your kid gets seriously hurt in a football game, and surgery is in order. Am I going to let his Dad handle the whole shebang? Doubt it.
4. I want to say I can't wait til Immunology is finished, but then I see Microbiology and Genetics looming to take its place, so I'm just trying to be grateful where I am for now.
5. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I am reminded that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. And where I want to be. Sometimes you work REALLY REALLY hard to accomplish a goal, which turns out to be a giant plateful of even more work than you could ever imagine. But I'm having a blast. With the exception of some tiny details that I can't seem to hang onto, it's really really interesting.
6. Yes, I'm studying for that immunology exam coming up tomorrow. But I've been going solid for a while, and my brain has the hiccups. I'm taking a break. ;)
Cya next week!

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