Friday, January 15, 2016

Block 2, week 12: I Drive a Fast Car...

This is what my calendar looks like. I am officially 1/8 of a doctor, because block two is in the rear view, folks! A faculty member told us this morning before our anatomy final and practical that no one needed to leave town until grades were released in case we needed to remediate. I kind of felt like a murder suspect when she said that. "Am I under arrest?" "No, but don't leave town." I also had the thought that once I left the building, I was getting in my car and driving as far as I could go and I might accidentally leave my cell phone and all electronic devices with which I could possibly be informed that I needed to return. But instead I came straight home and refreshed my email every three seconds. I did get an email that everyone who needed to be contacted about remediation should have an individual email at that  point, so I think it's safe to say that I've passed everything. But they've not released the grades so I can see by how much. 

So this is the part where I throw away all self-control and I stay up late and play video games and generally misbehave. It reminds me of the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie where all the parents get abducted by aliens and the kids go berserk with the misbehaving and that one kid is peeing in the shower. But then after a while of eating candy and missing school and running wild, they all start crying for their mommies. That will be me at the end of the block break. I will have slept for three days straight, and watched all the Netflix, and had it up to HERE with my kids' bickering and I will be begging for the structure of class again. If you've not seen the Jimmy Neutron movie, you owe it to yourself -- I still giggle about Poultra.

I don't want to be flip about the fact that I passed anatomy this block. It was absolutely the hardest thing I've experienced in medical school so far. We struggled through it as a class (well, for the most part, there were quite a few who didn't seem to have as hard of a time of it), and those who passed did so with much effort and loss of sleep, and possibly sanity as well. There are some folks who got the bad news that they didn't quite make it, and they will have to do some extra work over the break to get the material in. Hopefully everyone will clear the hurdle and get a bit of a break before we start back again. 

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