Friday, March 18, 2016

Block 3, Week 8: I make it a rule never to get involved with possessed people.

So this week totally started off with a bang. I had quite the list of movie quotes to accompany this post, but I decided to go with an old favorite. My sweet HB got really really sick on Saturday night. I was sitting in our room watching a Grimm episode on my computer when I heard what sounded like someone murdering a Wookiee coming from the bathroom. It was some next level Exorcist-sounding stuff going on in there. The bad thing is that the relief that usually comes from expelling all that was within to the outside didn't come. He was in extreme pain, and was glad to jump in the car to go to the urgent care. This is the second sign of possession, because he does NOT like to go to the doctor. After a wrong diagnosis at the urgent care, we ended up coming back up to the ER, and he has been admitted to the hospital since Sunday with pancreatitis. He doesn't drink, and there doesn't appear to be any gallstones, so we are still here on Friday wondering what started it all.

I guess if there was a good week to go into the hospital, this would be it. We didn't have any exams scheduled for this week. I missed a LOT of classes, so there will be catch-up to do, and I have two exams next week. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up and finish out the block without too much trouble.

It has been awfully nice to have the support and prayers of our friends and family while all this is going on. People have brought food, driven the kids to practices, and stayed at the house with the kids so I don't have to leave HB here alone. Because let me tell you, every time I leave they do something bad to him it seems. I've had to be a big girl and take care of myself this week, and it hasn't been too bad. Of course, I've had a whole team helping out, so I guess it's not really me doing it after all. Funny thing is how many people it takes to replace a single dude. I think HB needs a raise.

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