Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Break 2016: Or, the biggest misnomer of all time...

Sorry for being MIA for the last few weeks. I've been a busy girl. After finishing up block 4, I had to have a cholecystectomy, yay! So on July 4, I didn't get to see any fireworks, I got to have surgery. But it worked out to be timed perfectly for me to bounce back in time for block 5. Which started on July 18. No, I did not stutter. We got two weeks of summer. Yeah this salt ain't from the beach, fam. So there really ain't much to talk about as far as summer goes.

Some of you remember me talking about my HB being ill back in March with pancreatitis. He ended up having to have a splenectomy this last week because the pancreatic pseudocyst that was so very huge occluded his splenic vein, which basically murdered his spleen. So we've been plugging along for like four months hoping it would reduce, but it didn't. So he kicked it out. Hopefully all his other internal organs will get the message and behave themselves. He's got kind of a huge recovery ahead of him, what with the giant incision going down his tummy. I'm super proud of him, though. He's taken it all in stride and he's very positive about recovery. I didn't lose it, much.

So we are about to head back to class. The first week of class is off-campus, thankfully. We have a week of SDLs (student directed learning) that we can do anywhere. Then we have to be on-campus officially on the 25th. It doesn't really feel much different than the regular one-week block break we have had all year. Maybe next summer we'll have a little more time.

So I know this is pretty short, but honestly I think I was unconscious for a large part of my summer due to the surgery. Hopefully I'll have more to say as the block starts. Until then!

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