Friday, December 4, 2015

Med School Recap Block 2 Week 6: Don't tell me. We're about to go over a HUGE waterfall.

1. Oh boy, guys. Floating into the weekend like this, yo. Let's just say this week has definitely got me "funned out," but guess what, the waterfall is LOOMING. This block has been a little bit more manageable (I refuse to say easier) so far in that we haven't had three tests a week. However, with anatomy lab and OMM lab, SDLs in pathology, and having to be ready for quizzes in pharmacology, the work load has NOT decreased a bit. But the next couple of weeks are loaded with all of the above PLUS standardized patients, clinical skills, a lab practical and four exams. They want me to know how to jab a needle into someone's knee and aspirate fluid, AND not pass out at the same time. Ummmmm...
2. Lots of movie clips today, folks. This is what it's like to be my friend. I often speak entirely in movie quotes, and only the best ear can catch them all.
3. Sometimes I get to talk to physicians about what I'm up to. Usually when I have a doctor's appointment, and the doctor is doing that conversational pretend-to-be-interested-in-your-life part. Then they find out I'm a medical student, and they always have advice. I appreciate the input I get from most of them. The doctor I saw the other day told me to take it one day at a time, and make sure I get everything done that day that needs to get done, but not to look too far into the future because it's too overwhelming. I can definitely say that if I start thinking too far ahead, I can't breathe. I do need to keep an eye to the next things coming up so I'm prepared, but if I start thinking too much about all the piles of things I have to accomplish before the end of this block, I get lightheaded. I really did appreciate the advice about making sure I get all the things I need to do today finished though. That way I don't get buried. Feeling behind AND overwhelmed does not work out too well.
4. One of the things that has been tough this week once again is dealing with life stuff on top of keeping up with school. Before school started, if something put me in a tailspin, I could climb into bed for a day and recover and then get back in the groove. This week has had some challenges that would normally put me under it. I don't have time to crawl under the covers and hide from the world. Medical school just goes on without you and then you have to run to catch up. So I'm hoping to manage to use this weekend to do some mental health support AND study for that OMM exam and practical coming on Tuesday.
5. I guess this is the halfway point for this block! Exciting right? I guess I should be excited. It just seems that there is way more ahead of me than behind me at this point. Maybe that second wind will hit me any time now. I'm suffering from sleep deprivation currently, and all I can think about is sleep. Maybe when I catch up, I'll remember to get excited.
6. I think I've mentioned this is the musculoskeletal block. We are learning about all things muscles and bones. Diseases, deformities, fractures, injuries, and all things that we might see wrong with someone's bones and muscles. This block has confirmed that I am not called to orthopedics, although it has been some fascinating stuff. OMM lab has been pretty cool, because we are learning to use our hands to diagnose and even treat certain nagging issues. A lot of my classmates have told me they are enjoying the lab, and at the same time they are terrified of trying to demonstrate some of this stuff at the practical. So this weekend will be full of more practice!
7. Well, I guess that's another week of med school in the bag. It's amazing to me that all these weeks add up eventually and then I'll be a doctor. I keep thinking there will be this point where I will suddenly feel like a real doctor. I'm sure it's not in the first few blocks. ;)

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