Monday, April 11, 2016

Block 3 Week 11: Zombie

I know I usually go with movie lines, but this song is just looping in my head right now, so I went with it. It's a pretty good description of where I am actually. We finished block 3 last Friday, and I found out that I have to remediate the lab portion of anatomy. This means I have to be in the library at my school from 8-5 every day until we take the exam on Thursday. Because I clearly can't be trusted to study on my own. I mean, I did miss four more questions than I should have, which totally translates to 24 hours of purgatory. /sarcasm And yes, I know it's my fault that I'm at their mercy here.

I really wouldn't mind being here so much if there wasn't so much other stuff going on. I still haven't finished moving all of our stuff from the other house. The only thing that's left is the kitchen. Also, my husband is still recovering from pancreatitis, and he's home alone fending for himself because the kids have standardized testing at school this week. So I'm sure he's not resting. I guess if my personal life wasn't falling apart around my ears, I might have done a little better in the studying department. But when you're learning to juggle, you just keep throwing more stuff in because you can't just stop at juggling three torches, a motorcycle, and an angry hippopotamus. That would be too easy.

So up next, block 4! My brain is a squishy bag of quivering jello currently. I hope that I can take the long weekend and just rest it so I won't start out the block in a mess. I'm also not going to look so forward to block break, and I'm not going to make a bunch of plans that might get kicked to the curb if I goof things up again.

Things I am supposed to be doing this week:

1. Catching up on sleep

2. Binge-watching all the shows I missed

3. Moving house

4. Taking care of sick hubby

5. Going to the doctor

6. Getting a pedicure

7. Reacquainting myself with that mysterious warm orb in the sky

8. Taking tons of baths in my new garden tub

9. Getting the internet installed at the new house (no wifi til FRIDAY, WHAT?!?!?)

10. Getting the 1-hour massage my sister-in-law gave me

Things I am doing this week:


2. Retaking an exam

3. Crying

4. Bitter Blogging (CHECK!)

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