Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Block 4 Midweek 6: BONUS! Love and other thoughts

I'm sure by now you have seen this video, if not, PLEASE watch it. I'm not usually the type to enjoy this kind of video, and honestly when something goes viral it tends to make me roll my eyes and avoid it like the plague (except that whole "Dubai Was Lit" video with the little kid coming out of anesthesia, that one is GOLD). And honestly, it took me until just today to actually watch it. I know, I know. Usually videos like this just really don't do it for me, and I am having a serious head conversation with myself about why, but that is outside the scope of this blog. 

Let me tell you why this video is just RESONATING with me right now. First, I love the positivity this woman exudes. I tend to get most of my laughs from being snarky and rude, but the joy that just oozes from this woman's pores is infectious. It makes me want to check myself when I'm being sarcastic and just generally awful. Her laugh, guys. It is so free and untethered and just JOYFUL. Next, she is a grown woman and she bought herself a toy. Not only did she buy a toy, she took it out of the box as soon as she got in her car and PLAYED WITH IT RIGHT THERE. Adults have to be responsible and patient and all those adult-y things, and Candace Payne just blew all of it out of the water by rushing to her vehicle and making a video of her playing with an awesome toy. I love her so much for that. Next, her laugh. Guys, ladies are taught to be cute little playthings that don't make a bunch of noise and are pretty much just decoration. A good belly laugh like this is so frowned upon in society when coming from a woman. But she does not care. She found true joy while enjoying her Chewbacca mask, and she let it loose. And boy, I'm so glad she had a camera when she did. Finally, the fact that she went in the store for yoga pants and came out with this instead is the icing on the cake. She said that she was trying to work out more, and that it wasn't going very well, so she decided to get the Wookiee mask instead. Amazing. See, it's not fun being overweight. Especially when the whole world just says you need to work out more or eat less or both and that will fix it for you. Yes, eating less and working out will eventually get you where you want to go. But sometimes moms end up putting themselves and their health on the back burner. It shouldn't happen, but it does. It's all too easy to turn your brain off and eat what you can get when you can get it and put off exercising because this kid has practice, and that kid needs help with math, and oh, I have to make dinner and it's 4pm and the hubby will be home and hungry in about an hour and I forgot to thaw out the chicken, oh let's just order pizza. Then you feel the judgment of the world when the pounds start packing on, not to mention the horrible self-talk going on in your head when you stand in front of the mirror and realize that your waist has disappeared. I know because I'm talking about myself.

I have been sitting here this morning on my computer watching the videos of Candace going to all the different TV shows and laughing with the hosts, meeting JJ Abrams, getting an email from Peter Mayhew with an invitation to meet up, and laughing her head off through the whole thing. What is refreshing is that everyone is just overjoyed to meet her and hear about her viral video. Not once have I seen her being treated poorly because she is overweight, and that's the way it should be! It makes me feel like the world might be getting a little bit better about treating people with respect, no matter what. I just avoid reading the comments on any of the articles, because I don't have that much hope for the trolls. I bet Candace does.

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