Monday, May 16, 2016

Block 4 Week 4: I don't think they exist!

I study a lot. I mean, a lot. There's a little restaurant near my house that I study at just about every night, and they've gotten to where they know me and even my parents if they come in without me. I work really hard, and most of the time, I manage to pass. But not by a whole lot. This stuff is really hard, and with real life constantly hitting me in the back of the head, I've gotten used to being a little below average in the grades department. I lament quite often that I haven't found what I'm good at yet, and that I hope I don't fail when OB/GYN comes around (P.S. >> I should be good at OB/GYN). 
So imagine my surprise when I went to check my grade in my very worst subject (well before this block), and it was GOOD. It was better than good, I murdered it! I had rather forgotten what it was like to be more than OK about my grades. For a minute, I imagined working even harder and having awesome grades in EVERYTHING. Then I laughed and got back to reality. 
I am not against having good grades, and as much as I study, I had hoped I might accomplish something in the stellar department. I'm not a great test-taker. I guess that might bite me in the butt when it comes to boards. But I feel like how you take a test doesn't determine what kind of doctor you will be. However, you have to be good enough at taking a test or you'll never find out. It's a fine line to walk. Sometimes I walk it a little closer than I'd like.
Honestly, I wasn't allowed to celebrate too long, because grades came out for a different subject, and I did rather crappy. So I should probably be studying instead of blogging. I can NOT remediate this summer. I have PLANS.
So keep me in your prayers, thoughts, smoke signals, animal sacrifices, etc. (I'm joking about that last one, please don't sacrifice any animals on my behalf, unless it really works. Then do what you must!) We are about 6 1/2 weeks from finishing year one. I gotta hang on just a little longer. And accomplish a lot of stuff.

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  1. I went to Calvary Christian School's graduation today. They read a favorite Bible verse or quote from each of the 41 students in the graduating class. One young man (who was on virtually every sports team) had as his favorite quote, "Your GPA won't matter in heaven." Not sure who said it, but thought it might give you a little perspective.